The 5 Best Wireless Smartphone Chargers

If there is one thing that electronic maniacs around the world can consent to, it is the fact that wires cause a lot of inconveniences. These cables easily get tangled and can be an eyesore in what would have otherwise been a classy and beautiful gadget. It is this quest for getting rid of wires that resulted in the invention of wireless technology, the latest trend being wireless chargers. Below is our rundown of the top 5 wireless charges for smartphones.

Anker Fast Wireless Charging Pad

The Anker charging pad features a premium, compact design and a non-slip pad. With the onboard wireless charging unit, it can charge twice as fast as a conventional charger. Also, the Anker charging pad is fitted with overheating controls. These components prevent your smartphone from being susceptible to overheating problems. In fact, if your phone heats up to 1070F, this feature automatically stops the charging process.

DanForce Qi

Apple, the tech giant company, is yet to venture into the manufacture of wireless chargers. However, this has not stopped their partner accessory makers from exploring this field, the result of which has been, the Danforce Qi wireless charger. Fitted with a unique Energy Card, the DanForce is one of the best iPhone 7 wireless charger. This wireless charging pad boasts a built-in LED indicator that notifies you of your gadget’s charging status.

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand

Without a doubt, this wireless charger has one of the most exquisite designs. It provides super-fast charging for an array of Samsung products including the Samsung Galaxy series. With this product, Samsung aimed at providing their consumer base with batteries that do not overheat. To accomplish this, the firm incorporated a small cooler into the wireless charging stand. The cooler rotates at a predetermined speed; hence, cooling all the electric elements. But, perhaps what consumers love most about this cooler is that it runs silently and safely. In fact, you can still use your smartphone as it charges.

Satechi Fast Wireless Charging Pad

This wireless charging unit is fabricated from aluminum, which gives it an ultra-premium design. The top constitutes a glossy, shiny plastic. Satechi wireless charger has a thickness of 7.8 mm and being constructed from metal-this is a decent amount of weight. The bottom section has been reinforced with rubber to keep it from sliding.

The key highlight of this charging piece is that it comes in a broad range of color options, which include gold, space gray, silver and rose gold. It is compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones. At the front, you will notice a small-sized LED indicator that indicates the charging status of your device.

Laniakea Wireless Charger Kit

With a unique design and color scheme, the Laniakea wireless charger is a sight to behold. It is round in shape and has transparent, plastic inserts. This wireless charger is fitted with blue LED backlight located along the perimeter of the unit. This indicator shows the changing status by altering the level of rightness. What’s more, there is a light sensor, meaning you can use the gadget to light your room at night. Laniakea comes with an additional plug-in module for charging iPhones.


Smartphone manufacturing companies have widely embraced the concept of wireless charging. If you are thinking of buying a smartphone wireless charger, the best models in the market are the Anker Fast Wireless Charging Pad, DanForce Qi, Samsung Wireless Charging Stand, Laniakea Wireless Charger Kit and Satechi Fast Wireless Charging Pad.


Pokémon Go APK Latest Update Now Available

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game developed by an American software development company, Niantic, Inc. The Pokémon Go game application can be downloaded from the Apple App and Google Play stores. The game app is compatible with both IOS and Android devices (you may check which versions support the app). While Pokémon Go may not be available to all countries, Android device users from countries have not released this game yet, can download the App by installing the Pokémon Go APK.


About The Game

Anyone who has experienced playing the old versions of the Pokémon game will find it easier and more enjoyable to play the Pokémon Go. Compared with the old school version, Pokémon video game series edition, players of the new Pokémon Go will get to become the pocket monster trainer, Ash Ketchum. Unlike on the Pokémon video game developed by Game Freak and Creatures, Inc. where the players only help Ash in searching for and catching the pocket monsters by navigating through the virtual world of Pokémon, Pokémon Go players this time around will be the one looking for the Pokémons.

Pokémon Go uses the player’s surroundings. The players have to move around when locating Pokémons. The app will show the players where the Pokémon Stops and Pokémon Gyms are. A Pokémon Gym is where players or trainers train their Pokémons by engaging them in battle with other Pokémons, and whoever wins the battle becomes that Pokémon Gym’s leader.

Pokémon Stops or Poké Stops are where trainers can collect items such as Poké Balls, Eggs, Potion, Revive which is used to restore a Pokémon when it faints during a battle, Lucky Eggs, Incense, and the Great and Ultra Balls. Depending on the eggs, some eggs take the time to hatch, and by time, it means kilometers of walking. Players have to walk a certain kilometer until the egg hatches into a Pokémon.

Pros and Cons

The Pokemon Go APK may have gained instant fans from all ages, there are still those who are against of this game. A lot of people consider this game to a danger to both players and non-players. This is because there were news reports that there had been accidents due to the addiction to the game. As the game needs players to watch their steps in look out for Pokémons, these players tend to not look in the direction they are heading, which leads to accidents.

While there are those who are not a fan, players have their own reasoning on defending the game. Most “Pokémon Trainers”, as they call themselves, tell non-players that playing Pokémon has since become an exercise. People who do not normally go for long walks are now motivated to get up and walk a few or more kilometers either in search of rare Pokémons or just to hatch their collected eggs. Surprisingly, one the news that I heard was about a man rescued in a corner by someone who was in the area catching a Pokémon.

Try playing the game to see for yourself and prove whether it really is helpful in any way, or not, though I still think that it all depends on how the players handle their Pokémon Go addiction.

Harvey Water Softeners Reviews and Suggestion

Water softeners are important equipment to maintain a long lasting life of your kitchen appliance and for your healthy living. Water softeners help in the reduction and sometimes completely removal of ions like calcium and magnesium. They prevent the formation of salt deposits and limescale build ups. This helps you to enjoy a clean shower, cherish a smooth and bright skin and also adds years to your clothes and kitchen appliances. A lot of water softeners have been introduced in the market that proposes many benefits.


Water softeners are useful in numerous ways to treat hard water but they quite expensive and have additional costs for maintenance. Hence it is important to make the right choice while buying a water softener. Harvey water softener is widely used a water softener that has been used by numerous customers and they have reverted back with all positive reviews on the product.

Harvey Water Softener Reviews and Recommendations

Harvey water softener is a prominent and highly effective water softener that offers outstanding service. It helps in the removal of salt deposits and prevents limescale build up. Harvey water softener has improved the water heating process. It causes lesser damage to the boilers. The water softener does not demand heavy maintenance costs and is highly cost effective. Owing to its proper treatment of hard water it also increases the life of our kitchen appliances. The treated water is good for our skin and clothes and it adds radiance too.

Numerous customers have already purchased Harvey water softeners and their reviews are highly satisfying. According to some of the reviews on Harvey’s water softeners, many customers consider it as a very good decision.

Clean and healthy water

There were lime-scale build ups on the shower heads and taps. The glass doors too looked nasty as if coated with chalk deposits. The cleaning process was tiresome and often futile. After the installation of Harvey water softener, they have been highly benefitted that has helped to treat the lime-scale deposits and added shine to the glass doors.

Increased durability and life span of kitchen appliances

The durability of the product is also commendable and there are no such heavy maintenance costs adding to the ease of its use. The majority of the customers have never failed a malfunction, unlike other common water softeners. The only maintenance cost customers have experienced so far is the replacement of resin beads which is an ordinary process. The water softener provides excellent service and its efficiency is simply unparalleled.

Worth the money!

Harvey water softener is slightly more expensive than most other ordinary water softeners but its quality of service is commendable and worth all the expense. People using this softener have been more than happy with its quality and impeccable efficiency.  Most of the water softeners’ reviews are either filled with complaints of malfunctioning or breaking down of products or its high maintenance cost. But Harvey’s water softener stands out with its premium service at an effective cost. It is truly worth your money and choice and highly recommendable!

Watch Free Horror Movies online on these apps

People all around the world love to be entertained. And, there is no way better than to be entertained by watching the movies. The reasons why people love films are – just three hours long, funny and hilarious scenes, and great way to pass your time. But a certain genre of films is not as much as fun and entertaining as others, they are the Horror Films. What make them different are the horror moments these films contain in abundance. Here, we present you with the best Horror movie streaming apps for your mobile devices:

Showbox App

This app is the most popular movie streaming app among movie lovers. You can watch from a number of different Hollywood and Bollywood movies, both old and new on this free app. The ShowBox app is designed intelligently so as to make sure that the users don’t find it difficult to find their favorite movies on the app. You can also view the content in different languages available on the app.

MovieBox App

The MovieBox app is a great free movie streaming app for your iOS devices. You can view all the movies across various different genres and languages on the app’s very huge database collection. You can download now for free on your smartphone. Also, the app provides you with the option to download your favorite movies onto your mobile device.


Crackle is another great option to stream movies on your mobile device. The app currently has a user database of over 25 million people using it. You can easily watch a number of latest movie releases from a number of different genres including Horror movies on this app and also has a huge database collection of TV Serials and videos on it. You can also cast full length movies to your Television with the help of the Google Chromecast. Also, the app provides you with the option of saving different movies on your playlists to watch them later on.



Another great movie streaming app for the mobile devices is the Viewster app. You can easily watch a number of different Hollywood movies in many different genres and languages. You can even filter the languages of these movies according to your wishes. Besides watching and downloading movies, you can also watch upcoming movie trailers and read about the latest celebrity news. You can choose of view biography pages of the actors and actresses.


Although the Yidio app is available for only a handful of mobile devices, the very easy to use user interface which makes it easier for you to search for your favorite movies by customizing your search results. This free of cost app provides you with a number of links to watch all the latest movies from your mobile device. You can filter your search results according to date of release, genre, movie rating and source. The app is available for a number of operating platforms including iOS devices.