Pokémon Go APK Latest Update Now Available

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game developed by an American software development company, Niantic, Inc. The Pokémon Go game application can be downloaded from the Apple App and Google Play stores. The game app is compatible with both IOS and Android devices (you may check which versions support the app). While Pokémon Go may not be available to all countries, Android device users from countries have not released this game yet, can download the App by installing the Pokémon Go APK.


About The Game

Anyone who has experienced playing the old versions of the Pokémon game will find it easier and more enjoyable to play the Pokémon Go. Compared with the old school version, Pokémon video game series edition, players of the new Pokémon Go will get to become the pocket monster trainer, Ash Ketchum. Unlike on the Pokémon video game developed by Game Freak and Creatures, Inc. where the players only help Ash in searching for and catching the pocket monsters by navigating through the virtual world of Pokémon, Pokémon Go players this time around will be the one looking for the Pokémons.

Pokémon Go uses the player’s surroundings. The players have to move around when locating Pokémons. The app will show the players where the Pokémon Stops and Pokémon Gyms are. A Pokémon Gym is where players or trainers train their Pokémons by engaging them in battle with other Pokémons, and whoever wins the battle becomes that Pokémon Gym’s leader.

Pokémon Stops or Poké Stops are where trainers can collect items such as Poké Balls, Eggs, Potion, Revive which is used to restore a Pokémon when it faints during a battle, Lucky Eggs, Incense, and the Great and Ultra Balls. Depending on the eggs, some eggs take the time to hatch, and by time, it means kilometers of walking. Players have to walk a certain kilometer until the egg hatches into a Pokémon.

Pros and Cons

The Pokemon Go APK may have gained instant fans from all ages, there are still those who are against of this game. A lot of people consider this game to a danger to both players and non-players. This is because there were news reports that there had been accidents due to the addiction to the game. As the game needs players to watch their steps in look out for Pokémons, these players tend to not look in the direction they are heading, which leads to accidents.

While there are those who are not a fan, players have their own reasoning on defending the game. Most “Pokémon Trainers”, as they call themselves, tell non-players that playing Pokémon has since become an exercise. People who do not normally go for long walks are now motivated to get up and walk a few or more kilometers either in search of rare Pokémons or just to hatch their collected eggs. Surprisingly, one the news that I heard was about a man rescued in a corner by someone who was in the area catching a Pokémon.

Try playing the game to see for yourself and prove whether it really is helpful in any way, or not, though I still think that it all depends on how the players handle their Pokémon Go addiction.